About Orelind Design

Orelind Design is a Web design and development firm founded in 2006 by Susie Orelind and located in San Rafael, CA. Orelind Design is mainly focused on designing and building websites for small to medium businesses located in the San Francisco Bay Area. Additional services of Orelind Design include logo design, brochures, posters and other print work. Previous work have included Disney, Nickelodeon, and Hewlett Packard.

Susie Orelind

After moving from Sweden to the United stated in 1999, Orelind Design founder, Susie Orelind, studied design at the Center For Electronic Arts in San Francisco. After several years of freelance work at San Francisco Bay Area design firms, Susie founded Orelind Design to apply her unique design aesthetic, incorporating clean, simple designs, coded in CSS, to her clients.